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Our Story

ShowLED is a specialist manufacturer, designing and developing LED solutions for the architectural lighting and entertainment industries.

We are a committed and experienced team producing LED and control products to enhance the overall visual experience, giving creative designers the tools to make their visions a reality.

Founded in Belgium in 1999, the company expanded its operations in 2011 by opening a production facility in the United Arab Emirates. Our products serve diversified markets worldwide via an established international distributor network with sales outlets in over 20 countries.

ShowLED has a renowned reputation for LED ‘Starcloth’ products for indoor and outdoor use. Our flexible and lightweight Starcloths are the ideal medium for stage backdrops, colourful venue masking, decorations, and animated video screens. Amongst the ShowLED clients are theatres, conference centres, hospitality, stage and set designers, concert organizers and production agencies. We also provide visually impressive ‘features’ for the architectural, arts, retail and corporate sectors.

We added outdoor LED to our portfolio in 2013 and this brought us into the market of Media Facades and Light Scaping of buildings. Working in conjunction with Architects and Content Designers we bring building facades to life without detracting from the architecture. Our solutions provide the building operators with an immensely flexible ‘canvas’ which can be used for their revenue generation marketing.
We have a dedicated team of engineers and creative designers experienced in delivering both temporary as well as fixed installations.

ShowLED understands the requirements of the different sectors and clients we serve; we design and develop all products in-house with our R&D teams based in Belgium and the United Arab Emirates.

We are leaders in LED components, controllers, communication protocols, pixel mapping, and bespoke manufacturing…

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