Creative LED Solutions

ADNOC HQ lights up with ultra-bright Dexter system

Located at one of Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious urban sites, the 342-meter-high headquarters of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) embodies a major city landmark.

By installing an innovative LED display on the fully glazed north side of the structure, ShowLED did not only increase its visibility, it also supplied the majestic tower with a unique visual voice that can’t be overlooked.

A temporary installation is usually more focused on a solution that is strong enough to overcome all environmental challenges for the required duration, while not leaving any marks or damages when removed.

As the ADNOC system is a permanent installation, the focus leans more towards the aesthetics and the fixation of the setup.

The design of the proposed system had to blend as much as possible with the existing structure while being so carefully engineered it allowed the building’s unobstructed movement. Looking at general maintenance or glass replacement, the system had to be solid yet easily removable when needed.


ADNOC HQ lights up with ultra-bright Dexter system